Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More stuff today, first mystery object

I went outside today with my brother and we collected all the pellets we could see[Item 1 (collection)]. I also found most of another gun, which I gave to him, and several other things. Also I collected a crushed and rusted Finesse hairspray can[Item 5], a deformed plastic thing[Item 6], another bit of plastic, and a Bic GripRoller pen[Item 7] (my favorite other than the Fisher Space Pen).

I'm still having trouble with my computer (the USB ports aren't working). I'll update these posts with pictures as soon as I can.

Update: We went out again and he found more gun parts—most of two other guns! I found several more airsoft balls and a bit of metal[Item 8] and a finishing nail.

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